What is included in the Jewel Teeth Whitening Kit?

The Jewel Teeth Whitening Kit contains: 1 x LED light, 1 x Silicone Mouth Tray and 3 x Teeth Whitening Gels. An instruction card and shade guide are also included in the box


How many teeth whitening applications do I get in the Jewel Teeth Whitening Kit?

Each of our teeth whitening kits contains 3 x Teeth Whitening Syringes which provide 6 applications in total. It is recommended that you use half a syringe of gel per application


How much gel should I use for each application?

We recommend using ¼ of a gel syringe on the top and ¼ of a gel syringe on the bottom of the silicone mouth tray. Please ensure you are applying gel to the top and bottom faces of the silicone mouth tray


Why won’t my LED Light turn on?

As per the instruction card, ensure you have removed the plastic tab underneath the batteries before powering on your LED light


Do the six applications have to be consecutive?

We highly recommend that the six applications are carried out in consecutive days to achieve the best results 


How often should I keep using the Teeth Whitening Kit after the 6 applications?

We recommend use 1-2 times per week to maintain results. Our gel refill packs are ideal for maintaining your white smile!


How much does shipping cost around Australia?

We offer free express shipping Australia-wide!


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship our products all over the world and offer free standard shipping for orders over $50 AUD!